English from stress to relax

I’m not a cook, but a trustmentor, who loves to give ingredients for life! Respect yourself, be you & believe in yourself.

I help you to create a relax life, by making the right decisions that suits your life.

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Ik kan niet koken maar geef graag levensingrediënten

I’m not a cook, but love to give ingredients for life

Life isn’t about facts & figures. It’s all about fears & feelings!

Listen to your heart and don’t believe everything you think.

Are you lead by your fears or driven by your dreams?

Have the courage to let go of your resistence & experience resilience.


All the time you make decisions & connections.

I help you to make better decisions that suits your dream life.

Live your life in harmony!


If what you think, feel, say & do are in one line, it costs you almost no energy and no effort.

Because you are doing the things you like, you are good at & makes you feel good. It’s a win-win-win situation.

I’m an expert by experience concerning changes in life, both private as well as in business.

I have my Henley MBA, business owner experience, family business related and I am mother of two beautiful children.

Besides that I believe that love, respect & uplifting people will make this world a better place.

How can I help you with my practical advice, intuitive manner of counseling?


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